Wallas 22GB – Boat Diesel Air Heater – 2.5kw – Fully Customisable Kit

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Wallas Heater Smart Phone App Remote Control


Warm Air Duct 75mm Per Metre

£18.50 each

Armaflex Ducting Insulation 76mm x 13mm - Per Metre

75mm Air Heater Duct Silencer

£93.40 each

75mm Air Heater Ducting Connector

£17.80 each

75mm Air Heater Ducting Tee

£58.90 each

75mm Air Heater Ducting Bulk Head Lead Through Fitting

£32.90 each

75mm Air Heater Ducting Stainless Steel External Inlet Grill

£36.80 each

75mm Air Heater Warm Air Vent

£43.50 each

Ducting Adapter 75mm x 90mm

£13.40 each

Ducting Adapter 75mm x 60mm

£13.40 each

Wallas Heater Twin Wall Exhaust Tube 45/28mm


Wallas Diesel Heater Exhaust Through Hull Fitting


Wallas Heater Closable Exhaust Deck Fitting


Marine Fuel Pipe Kit

£98.50 each

Wallas Solenoid Valve


Wallas Fuel Filter

£21.00 each

Carbon Monoxide Detector - Kidde 7CO

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Wallas 22GB – Boat Diesel Air Heater – 2.5kw

This Wallas 22GB diesel air heater is extremely quiet. The sound level equals the level of whispering in the library, thanks to the laminar burning. The sound of burning cannot be heard from the exhaust pipe. This is ideal if you are moored in a marina or close to others.

  • Heating power 1 kW – 2.2 k
  • Wallas PI – thermo control with step-less adjustment
  • Fresh air ventilation with step-less adjustment
  • Fuel consumption 0.1 – 0.25 l / h
  • Operating voltage 12 V
  • Power consumption 0.7 – 1.2 A
  • Built out of the finest corrosion-resistant materials to withstand marine
  • Very quiet running with additional air silencers available.
  • RPM controlled fans for optimal performance

Optional Extras:

  • Ducting Air Silencers
  • Wallas Remote Control
  • Wallas Air Ducting and Vents
  • Wallas Twin Wall Exhaust
  • Hull and Deck Fittings

If you would like this heater fitted by a professional and certified marine heating engineer, please contact our sister company Marine Heating Solutions.

Image for illustration only. Actual contents will depend on your order configuration and the items listed above. Our boat heater and cooker kits its are aimed to supply you with all the major parts needed for installation. You may need to source additional parts yourself.


Wallas GB Installation Manual

Marine Fuel Pipe Kit


Marine Fuel Kit Installation Manual

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