Autoterm Comfort Controller


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Comfort Control Panel for Autoterm Air and Liquid Heaters 2D, 4D, Flow 5D, and 9D

With its Advanced Timers and Thermostat Mode, the Comfort Control will function just like a modern central heating system in a house. Have as much or as little heat as you want, when you want. For boat central heating systems powered by diesel water heaters, set your timers to have your hot water ready on demand at any time. Additionally, the Autoterm Comfort Control Panel is compatible with the smart modem. This allows you to change your settings from wherever you are, at any time.

Works for the 2D, 4D, Flow 5D, and 9D.


  • Intuitive user interface;
  • LED status display.
  • Thermostat function;
  • Additional heating options;
  • Quick access button for heating;
  • Vehicle battery safety function;
  • Heater maintenance reminder.
  • Precise integrated digital temperature sensor.
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