Thetford C262-CWE Cassette Toilet


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Thetford C262-CWE Cassette Toilet

Thetford’s C262 Cassette Toilet provides an exceptional sanitary solution for boat owners seeking both design and functionality. This sleek, compact unit integrates seamlessly into the confined spaces of a marine environment. Engineered for endurance and convenience, the C262 is powered by a 12v electric system, ensuring reliability on the water. Its efficient flushing system, crafted from durable high-quality plastic, is both user-friendly and easy to maintain. The smart design of the toilet bowl swivels up to 90 degrees, maximizing space usage on board. The unit includes a spacious 17.5L waste holding tank, complete with convenient wheels and a pull-out handle for simple disposal. The freshwater tank has a capacity of 8L to support the flush system. It should be noted that the water fill door is not part of this package.
Model Thetford C262-CWE Cassette Toilet
Dimensions Height 750mm x Width 417mm x 603mm
Capacity Flush water tank: 8L
  Waste holding tank: 17.5L
Weight 8.1kg
Material Plastic
Flush System Electric
If you would like this boat toilet fitted, please contact our sister company Marine Heating Solutions.

Download Thetford C262- CWE Installation Instructions Manual

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