Diesel Air Heater Ducting 90mm Per Metre


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90mm Diameter Ducting For Diesel Air Heaters

The Air ducting pipe Ø90 mm

The maximum length of a single ducting section is 10 metres. If you require a single section of ducting that is longer than 10 meters,  you can connect individual lengths with a straight connector. If you add more than 10 metres to the cart. The ducting will arrive in smaller sections of 5 to 10 metres. If you need more than 10 metres and require specific lengths, then please add them to the cart exactly as you require.

Ducting is a custom item as it is cut to size to the customer’s requirements. Ducting can therefore not be returned as an unwanted item, unless it is bought and returned in full 1o metre lengths. Orders for ducting cannot be changed after checkout under any circumstances .

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