Victron Cerbo GX Communication Centre


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Victron Cerbo GX Communication Centre

Maximize control over your energy system with the Victron Cerbo GX. This advanced control hub allows precise remote management of your setup via VRM, GX Touch 50, other MFDs, or VictronConnect app, thanks to integrated Bluetooth. Enhance and streamline your power solution with the innovative Cerbo GX for superior connectivity and intelligence in power management.

  • Immediately monitor essential metrics such as battery state of charge, current power usage, power generation from photovoltaic sources, generator and grid supply, or even check fluid levels and temperature data.
  • Effortlessly manage settings including the shore power input current limit, or the (automatic) start/stop functions for generators, adjusting any parameter to fine-tune the system to your needs.
  • Stay informed about alerts, conduct diagnostic assessments, and troubleshoot issues remotely with ease.

You have the capability to supervise, manipulate, and personalize your Cerbo GX from afar, via the internet, as if you were standing right next to it, through the Remote Console feature. These functionalities are accessible over a local network LAN or through the WiFi Access Point on the Cerbo GX, providing versatile ways to stay connected with your system.


Model Victron Cerbo GX
Connections Ethernet, VE.Direct, HDMI, 3x USB, 2x VE.Bus, 2x VE.Can, 2x BMS-Can, Micro SD, 4x Resistive Tank Inputs, 4x Temp Inputs, 4x Digital Inputs, Relay 1, Relay 2 & Power In
Dimensions Height 78mm x Width 154mm x Depth 48mm
Voltage 8V – 70V DC

Victron Cerbo GX Manual

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