Sterling Pro-S Combi – Inverter Charger – 12V / 3500W / 110A


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Sterling Pro-S Combi 12V / 3500W / 110A Inverter Charger

Introducing the Sterling Pro-S Combi, an innovative 12V / 3500W / 110A combination inverter and charger designed to bring unprecedented efficiency and reliability to your off-grid power needs. This highly versatile unit is the perfect companion for marine, RV, and remote off-grid applications, offering a pure sine wave inverter that ensures smooth and stable power for even the most sensitive electronics. Its robust build quality and intelligent thermal management system guarantee top performance under a wide range of conditions, ensuring that you have access to clean AC power whenever you need it.

The Pro-S Combi doesn’t just stop at power inversion; it also serves as a powerful battery charger with multi-stage charging capabilities, ensuring your batteries are maintained in peak condition for longer life and better performance. The unit seamlessly integrates with various battery technologies, including lead-acid, AGM, gel, and lithium. With easy-to-use, remote control options and clear LED display, monitoring and controlling your power system becomes a hassle-free experience. Whether for work or leisure, the Sterling Pro-S Combi delivers the power you can trust in a compact, highly efficient package.


Model Sterling Pro-S Combi – 12V / 3500W / 110A
Maximum Charger Current 110A
Number of Outputs 1
Remote Panel Yes, included
Output Frequency [Hz] 50
Output Power Continuous 3500W
Output Power Peak 7000W
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Voltage Description 12V DC, 230V AC
Application FLA, SLA, AGM, GEL, LiFePO4 Batteries
Dimensions Height 180mm x Width 227mm x Depth 512mm
Recommended Battery Capacity 500 – 1100 Ah
Weight 24kg


If you would like this Sterling Inverter Charger fitted by a professional marine engineer, please contact our sister company Marine Heating Solutions.

Sterling Pro-S Combi Manual

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