Victron Blue – Smart Battery Charger – 12V, 30A, 3 Outputs


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Victron Blue – Smart Battery Charger – 12V, 30A, 3 Outputs

The Victron Blue Smart BPC123048022 charger enhances convenience with its integrated Bluetooth capability, which enables you to comfortably monitor and operate the charger from a distance via a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This device is a versatile tool, fitting for diverse environments such as boats, cars, motorcycles, and motorhomes.

Safety is a top priority for the Victron Blue Smart charger as it features protection against excessive temperatures, incorrect battery connection, short-circuiting, and carries an IP22 rating, safeguarding against both water and dust intrusion. Intelligent thermal management ensures that if the device overheats, the output current is automatically regulated to avoid damage or device malfunction. Furthermore, the charger introduces “Night” and “Low” power modes to diminish the output current and eliminate noise, with the “Low” mode being deactivatable manually and the “Night” mode concluding on its own after 8 hours.

To promote battery longevity and performance, the charger is equipped with a sophisticated six-step adaptive charging algorithm. It is adept at handling Lithium-ion batteries as well, utilizing a specific charging profile tailored to their needs. The Victron Blue Smart charger can even revive a completely depleted battery by initially applying a low charge and intensifying the charge once a sufficient voltage is detected, ensuring the safe recovery of the battery’s charge capacity.


Model Victron Blue – Smart Battery Charger – 12V, 30A, 3 Output
Outputs 3
Frequency Input: 45 – 65Hz
Voltage n Input: 180-265V AC, Output: 14.4V DC Absorption, 13.8V DC Float, 13.2V Storage
Amps 30A (15A in Low or Night mode)
Efficiency 93%
Dimensions Length 235mm x Width 108mm x Depth 65mm

If you would like this Victron Blue Smart Battery Charger fitted by a professional marine engineer, please contact our sister company Marine Heating Solutions.


Victron Blue Smart Battery Charger Manual

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