Thetford C263-S Cassette Toilet


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Thetford C263-S Cassette Toilet

The Thetford C263-S Cassette Toilet, crafted specifically for the marine environment, is a comprehensive sanitation system divided into a fixed toilet and an easily removable waste-holding tank. The system is highlighted by a smart indicator that notifies when it’s time to empty the tank, a feature that’s particularly useful on longer voyages. The tank is accessible through an external compartment, which makes it practical to remove and empty, even in the limited quarters of a boat. Additionally, this cassette toilet draws on the boat’s own water supply to operate the flush, integrating seamlessly into the vessel’s resources. This strategic design feature ensures that the toilet is always ready for use without the need for any additional plumbing, proving essential for maintaining comfort and hygienic conditions aboard. Embracing both innovation and convenience, the Thetford C263-S stands as an indispensable component of modern marine life.
Model Thetford C263-S Cassette Toilet
Dimensions Height 468mm (Seating: 479mm) x Width 341mm x Depth 603mm
Capacity  17.5 Litres
Weight 16.2kg
Material Plastic / Ceramic Bowl
Flush System 12V

Thetford C260 Series Installation Manual

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