Master Flash No 7 High Temperature


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Master Flash No 7 High Temperature – Flexible Roof Collar

Introducing the Master Flash No 7 High Temperature – Flexible Roof Collar, a critical component designed to ensure a secure and weatherproof seal for flue systems passing through roofs. This robust flashing works hand-in-hand with the storm collar, offering maximum protection against the elements.

Key Features:

  • Temperature Resistance: Exceptionally crafted to withstand extreme temperatures, this collar is suitable for environments with low temperatures of -74°C and high temperatures up to +260°C intermittently or +225°C continuously, ensuring reliable performance under various thermal conditions.
  • Flexibility: It accommodates flue external diameters ranging from 140mm to 292mm, providing a versatile solution for different flue sizes.
  • Base Diameter: With a 370mm base diameter, this product offers stability and a broad coverage area, ensuring a tight and effective seal.
  • Weatherproof Seal: Designed to create a flawless barrier against water, wind, and debris, the Master Flash No 7 preserves the integrity of roof penetrations caused by flue installations. (sealant and fixing bolts/screws not included)

When you need an effective waterproofing solution for marine applications, the Master Flash No 7 High Temperature – Flexible Roof Collar provides the durability and reliability crucial for protecting your boat. Ideal for installations demanding a tough barrier with high temperature variations for harsh marine conditions.


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