Autoterm Controller Extension Cable 2.6m


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2.6m Controller Extension Cable for Autoterm Heaters

The controller cable that comes with the AUOTERM heaters is 1.5m long as standard.  If you need extra cable so you can mount the controller further away from the heater you will need this option.

  • AUTOTERM Air 2D (previously PLANAR 2D)
  • AUTOTERM Air 4D (previously PLANAR 44D)
  • AUTOTERM Air 8D  (previously PLANAR 8DM)
  • AUTOTERM Air 9D (previously PLANAR 9D)
  • AUTOTERM Flow 5 (previously BINAR 5S)
  • Autoterm PU-27 OLED Controller
  • Autoterm Comfort Control
  • Autoterm Modem


The 2.6m extension cable is only suitable for internal use. For external use please see the 7m extension cable.

Please be aware that the plugs come disassembled to allow the installer to fit it through tight spaces, or to make smaller openings in bulkheads and achieve a cleaner installation. See the photo for details.

When installing the plugs, be sure to line up the colours of the cables correctly, making sure the unused terminals on the plugs line up in the same position on the male and female side. Once the pins have been pushed into the plug they lock together and cannot be changed.
Though the colours are the same on most of the wiring looms and controllers, some controller cables have different colours. Please see the link in the Additional Information tab for a photo on how these line up.

Autoterm Controller Cable Colour Line Up

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