Finishing Plate 0-30 Degrees for 4 Inch / 100mm Twin Wall Flue – Black


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Finishing Plate 0-30 Degrees For Black 4 Inch / 100 mm Twin Wall Flue

Crafted to perfect your installation, the Finishing Plate 0-30 Degrees for a 4 Inch / 100mm Twin Wall Flue is an integral component in achieving a clean and secure fit. This plate is designed to accommodate tilt angles from 0 to 30 degrees, providing flexibility in positioning while ensuring a tight seal. The robust construction and elegant black finish not only enhance the durability and heat resistance of your flue system but also add a stylish flair that complements any interior decor. Ideal for both upgrades and new installations, this finishing plate effectively closes off the installation area, preventing heat loss and safeguarding against potential damage from heat exposure. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking efficiency, aesthetics, and long-lasting performance in their heating systems.

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