Dickinson Atlantic – Diesel Cooker – 7.1kW – Cooker Only


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Dickinson Atlantic – Diesel Cooker

This diesel cooker stove is best suited for boats 45 to 65 ft long. Its heat output is 2.3 to 7.1 kW. This cooker will also heat your boat, freeing up space where an additional stove would have been. It can be fitted with water heating coils to supply a hot water storage tank and/or a radiator. Fuel consumption 0.23 to 0.71 litres per hour

  • Minimum 6ft or maximum 8ft of chimney is required, a 6ft straight run with no elbows works best.
  • Chimneys 6ft or longer will need a barometric damper.
  • Permanent fresh air vent needed in the cabin with the unit.
  • Creates a dry heat to dry out the moisture inside the vessel.
  • In sailboat installations, this unit must face fore or aft.
  • 12v draft assist fan included. Used for start-up and draft assistance on high fire.
  • The valve is calibrated for diesel but can be re-calibrated for kerosene.
  • Single or double turn hot water coil for 1 kw or 2 kw water heating.

Optional Extras:

  • Single Back Boiler Coil
  • Double Back Boiler Coil
  • Flue Parts

This listing is for the stove only. Please see theΒ Dickinson Atlantic Fully Customisable KitΒ page to add optional extras and flue parts.

If you would like this stove fitted by a professional and certified marine heating engineer, please contact our sister companyΒ Marine Heating Solutions.


Dickinson Installation Manual


Width: 30.50β€³
Height: 28.75β€³
Depth: 23β€³
Oven Size: W 16” D 14.5” H 12”

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