Back Boiler – 2kw – For Bubble B1 Diesel Boat Stove


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Back Boiler – 2kW – For Bubble B1 Diesel Boat Stove

Integrate the 2kw Back Boiler into your Bubble B1 Diesel Boat Stove for an enhanced heating solution that efficiently supplies heat to radiators and hot water via a calorifier. Designed specifically for the Bubble B1 model, this boiler unit expertly converts stove heat into thermal energy to heat water and maintain a comfortable environment, even in the chilliest conditions. With its robust 2kw output, the system is both powerful and compact, ensuring reliable performance. This back boiler is an indispensable upgrade for any boat owner looking to improve their living conditions with a consistent, dependable source of heat and hot water.

Sold only as upgrade with the stove only. Cannot be retrofitted.

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