Whale Supersub – Automatic Bilge Pump – 1100GPH 12V


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Whale Supersub – Automatic Bilge Pump – 1100GPH 12V

The Whale Supersub is a Bilge Pump that operates automatically, designed to efficiently remove water with its 1100GPH and 12V power. Its slim design allows it to be positioned in the lowest parts of the bilge, suitable for areas with limited space. The pump comes with a built-in switch for automatic operation, making it convenient to use. It can be easily installed and requires minimal maintenance, ensuring consistent water flow and dependability due to its high-quality materials. The Whale Supersub is an essential tool for sailors to handle both unexpected water intake and regular leaks.

If you would like this bilge pump installed by a professional marine engineer, please contact our sister company Marine Heating Solutions.


Whale Supersub Automatic Bilge Pump Installation Manual

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