Wallas Spartan – Diesel Boat Heater – 4.5kW – Heater Only


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Wallas Spartan – Diesel Boat Heater – 4.5kW

Wallas Spartan boat heaters feature the new laminar flow burners and new software. They are designed to work with the current road and red diesel (EN590), but also with future renewable (HVO 15940) and blended (B10 EN 16734, B20/B30 EN 16709) bio road diesel. Wallas diesel heaters are fully ready and compatible with future fuels. The new burner has ultra-low emissions, including very low CO2 and NOx levels.

This new advanced control panel has Wireless/WiFi connectivity meaning that the heater can be started and monitored remotely via a smartphone. This also means that program updates for improvement and upgrades will be possible remotely.The digital graphical user interface will display the status as well as alerts and standard controllability. There is also an option to link in a detachable Wireless thermostat beacon to ensure that you have the desired temperature whereever you are in the boat.

Wallas Spartan boat heaters are extremely economical. Fuel consumption for the diesel and kerosene air heaters starts from just 0.15 liters per hour on lower settings. This fuel efficiency makes the Wallas heater more environmentally friendly than many of its competitors. Electricity consumption is negligible at around 0.7 to 2 amps.

  • Heating Power up to 4.5kw
  • Fuel Consumption 0.15-0.45 liters
  • Operating Voltage 12v
  • New PCB and advanced control panel
  • Greenboost burner providing a more efficient and clean burn
  • Well insulated unit and exhaust with very low surface temperatures
  • Bluetooth / WIFI connection
  • RPM controlled fans for optimal performance
  • Future option for revolutionary programming and controls with program updates
  • Wallas App controllable by WLAN and Bluetooth network
  • Intelligent temperature control
  • Optional detachable Bluetooth thermostat beacon
  • Built out of the finest corrosion-resistant materials to withstand marine
  • Very quiet running with additional air silencers available. These are ideal for bedrooms to dampen any residual air draft noise.
Additional Parts and Optional Extras:
  • Wallas Wireless Thermostat Beacon
  • Twin Wall Room Sealed Exhaust Tube
  • Exhaust Hull and Fittings
  • Warm Air Ducting and Vents
  • Warm Air Silencer
  • Warm Air Duct Insulation (82.1% Energy Saving!)

This listing is for the heater only. Please see the Wallas Spartan Fully Customisable Kit to add optional extras.

If you would like this heater fitted by a professional and certified marine heating engineer, please contact our sister company Marine Heating Solutions.


Wallas Spartan Manual

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