Victron 150/60 MPPT Smart Solar Charger Controller


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Victron 150/60 MPPT Smart Solar Charger Controller

The Victron 150/60 MPPT Smart Solar Charger Controller is engineered to efficiently transfer energy from your solar panels to your batteries. Its advanced mechanisms are designed to maximize energy collection and accelerate the charging cycle. The Smart Solar feature is built to maintain battery health over extended periods. With Multi-point Power Tracking (MPPT) technology, it ensures that every ounce of power available from your panels is utilized, even as light conditions fluctuate. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to effortlessly monitor and control your MPPT charger through the Victron Connect app. For more extensive management capabilities, Victron provides a Remote Management Portal that lets you oversee your system from any location with internet access. The unit’s capacity to manage up to 150 volts and 60 amps makes it a robust choice for off-grid setups or areas without conventional power access.

Model Victron 150/60 MPPT Smart Solar Charger Controller
Number of Outputs 1
Input Max. 150V 60A DC
Output Max. 60A at 12v or 24v – self sensing
Suitable Battery Types FLA, SLA, AGM, GEL, LiFePO4 Batteries
Efficiency 98%
Dimensions Height 215mm x Width 250 mm x Depth 95mm
Weight 1.3kg
If you would like this Victron Solar Charger Controller fitted by a professional marine engineer, please contact our sister company Marine Heating Solutions.



Victron 150/60 & 150/70 SmartSolar MPPT Charger Manual

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