Thetford C403 Cassette Toilet Left Hand


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Thetford C403 Cassette Toilet Left Hand

The C400 series of cassette toilets boast innovative characteristics, such as a portable waste-holding tank outfitted with wheels and an extendable handle, simplifying maneuverability and transport. Moreover, the interior mechanism of the waste tank is detachable, which streamlines the cleaning and upkeep process. A convenient level indicator is also present to show the current capacity of the waste tank. The Thetford C403 Cassette Toilet stands out by sourcing its flush water directly from the boat’s integrated water reserve. This particular variant is designed with its access on the left-hand side. Specifications:
Model Thetford C403 Cassette Toilet Left Hand
Dimensions Height 506mm (Seating: 473mm) x Width 670mm x Depth 400mm
Capacity Description Waste: 19.3L
Weight 8.1kg
Material Plastic
Flush System 12V
If you would like this Toilet fitted by a professional and certified marine heating engineer, please contact our sister company Marine Heating Solutions.

Thetford C403 Cassette Toilet Installation Manual

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