Thetford C402 Cassette Toilet Right Hand


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Thetford C402 Cassette Toilet Right Hand

The C400 cassette toilet series stands out with its user-friendly design, incorporating a portable waste-holding tank equipped with wheels and a handy retractable handle, promoting effortless transport. Moreover, the maintenance process is simplified thanks to the waste holding tank’s detachable working mechanism, ensuring straightforward cleaning. To enhance convenience, the system features a clear level indicator that monitors both the waste and flush-water tanks. This particular model is designed with a right-hand tank access, facilitating easier integration and accessibility in various layouts. The practical configuration and intuitive usage make it an ideal choice for those seeking a hygienic and hassle-free sanitation solution.
Model Thetford C402 Cassette Toilet Right Hand
Dimensions Height 506mm (Seating: 473mm) x Width 670mm x Depth 400mm
Capacity Waste: 19.3L
Weight 8.8kg
Material Plastic Bowl
Flush System 12V
If you would like this boat toilet fitted, please contact our sister company Marine Heating Solutions.

Thetford C-402 Installation Manual

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