Thetford 345 Porta Potti – Portable Toilet


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Thetford 345 Porta Potti – Portable Toilet

The Thetford Porta Potti 345 is a portable toilet designed for ultimate convenience and comfort, perfect for camping, boating, RVs, or any outdoor activities. Featuring a modern design with a high-gloss finish, this sleek and sturdy toilet offers a spacious seat for ease of use, and its height is comparable to standard home toilets, providing a more comfortable experience. The Porta Potti 345 incorporates a 12-litre waste capacity and a 15-litre freshwater tank, allowing for 56 flushes before the need for emptying. A bellows pump flush system effectively rinses the bowl, and an indicator alerts you when the waste tank needs to be emptied. With its easy-to-clean detachable waste tank, and secure, leak-proof valve seal, the Thetford Porta Potti 345 ensures hygienic handling and a hassle-free outdoor experience.


Brand Thetford 345 Porta Potti
Dimensions Height 330mm (Seating: 324mm) x Width 383mm x Depth 427mm
Capacity Description Waste: 12L, Water: 15L
Weight 3.6kg

Thetford Portable Toilet Manual 145 165 345 365

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