Tecma Elegance 2G – 12V Macerator Pumpout Toilet (Copy)

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Tecma Elegance 2G – 12V Macerator Pumpout Toilet

The Tecma Elegance 2G 12V macerator toilet is a medium-sized model within the Tecma range. It incorporates 2G features, a redesigned appearance, and system enhancements, ensuring the toilet remains compact, efficient, and comfortable. The design integrates the macerator and flush hoses within the structure of the toilet, simplifying the installation process by eliminating the need for external components.

This toilet comes with a single-button control panel that features a power LED, a soft-close mechanism for the seat hinges, and a 12V solenoid valve. The hidden side fixings contribute to the sleek design and facilitate straightforward installation. Its easy-to-clean, smooth surfaces, and the durable thermoset seat and lid are practical features. Additionally, a new air inlet has been incorporated into the internal hose system, which helps to heighten the efficiency of the unit across various black water system setups.


Model Tecma Elegance 2G – 12V Macerator Pumpout Toilet
Colour White
Voltage 12V DC
Dimensions Height 460mm (Seating: 400mm) x Width 370mm x Depth 430mm
Weight 22.5kg
Material Ceramic Bowl
Flush System Push Button – Solenoid 12v

If you would like this Tecma Elegance 2Gs Toilet installed by a professional boat plumber, please contact out sister company Marine Heating Solutions.


Tecma Elegance 2G Manual

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