Salamander Extended Hotplate


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Salamander Extended Hotplate Option

  • Dramatically increases the cooking potential of your Hobbit stove.
  • Increases the size of your stovetop, allowing more space for stovetop kettles and other cookware.
  • Easily removable – this option can be taken on and off the top of your small wood burning stove with ease.
  • Adds 7kg of thermal mass to your small wood burning stove.
  • Durable, high quality cast iron construction.
  • Measures approximately 50cm in length, 27.5cm in width and 2.5cm in depth.

Please tell us in the order comments at the checkout what type of stove you have. If you have a non-Eco Design stove, then a set of spacers will be provided with your order. These will need to be added to the secondary air vent at the back of the stove so that this option can be fitted to your stovetop.

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