Diesel Heater Fuel Tank 7 Litre


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Diesel Heater Fuel Tank 7 Litre

The Diesel Heater Fuel Tank with a 7-litre capacity provides a compact and efficient solution for powering your diesel heater. This robust tank is crafted from materials that are both durable and resistant to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance in a variety of settings, from automotive to marine. Its smaller size makes it ideal for limited spaces where maintaining continuous heater operation is essential but larger tanks are impractical. Simple to install and compatible with various diesel heater models, this 7-litre fuel tank is perfect for effectively managing fuel supply and extending the operational periods of your heating system, ensuring a warm and comfortable environment.

Suitable for all AUTOTERM, Webasto, Eberspacher and Chinese heaters.

Fuel tank dimensions: 345 x 370 x 100 mm

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