CoolPower 35L Cool Box / Freezer – 12v 24v 230v or Battery (Optional)


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CoolPower 35L Cool Box / Freezer – 12v 24v 230v or Battery (Optional)

Discover the unparalleled convenience of the CoolPower 35 Cool Box & Freezer, a marvel of modern portable refrigeration designed to cater to every aspect of your on-the-go lifestyle. With the flexibility to power through 12v, 24v, 230v, or an optional battery, you can keep your goods chilled or frozen in any setting. This innovative cooler/freezer features a unique two-zone design, providing a 25-liter cooling space alongside a 10-liter freezer compartment, allowing you to organize and store a variety of items with ease. The lid isn’t just a lid, it also holds a chopping board for convenient meal prep and has an integrated cup holder for secure drink placement.

Whether you’re setting sail for a weekend on the water or embarking on an adventurous journey in your Campervan, the CoolPower 35 ensures your travels are accompanied by the convenience of chilled provisions and ice-cold beverages. Experience unrivaled practicality and elite cooling efficiency that elevate every marine or road trip, making sure you have the pleasure of fresh food and drinks wherever your journey leads you.


  • LED interior lighting
  • Sturdy wheels and telescopic handle
  • 2 Zones – Cooling 25 Litre and Freezer 10 Litre
  • Chopping board stored in lid
  • Bottle opener
  • Blue tooth mobile app for temperate change, locking and ECO mode.
  • Cupholder on lid
  • USB Charger output


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