Bubble 4B – Solid Fuel Boat Stove – 5kW – Stove Only


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Bubble 4B – Solid Fuel Boat Stove – 5kW

Bubble Stoves are made to order. Depending on the time of year, waiting times for delivery can be anything from 2 to 5 weeks approximately. Please ensure that you are prepared to wait for your stove to be custom made. The manufacturing process begins when we receive the order and orders cannot be amended, cancelled, or returned as unwanted once you have completed checkout.

The Bubble 4B  Solid Fuel Boat Stove is a robust and full-featured solid fuel stove. Suitable for smokeless fuel and wood, the 4B has a high-temperature firebox lining which helps your choice of fuel burn more efficiently and cleanly.

  • High-temperature firebox allows overnight burning
  • 3 air controls for clean burning
  • Hot plate on top of stove for cooking

Optional Extras

  • Back boiler (POA)
  • Fiddle Rail
  • Silver Fittings (Brass Fittings as Standard)

This listing is for the stove only. Please see the Bubble 4B  Solid Fuel Boat Stove Fully Customisable Kit page. If you would like this stove fitted by a professional and certified marine heating engineer, please contact our sister company Marine Heating Solutions.


Bubble SF Stove Installation Instructions

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