Back Boiler For Bubble 4B Stove – 2kW


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2kw Back Boiler To Fit Bubble 4B Solid Fuel Boat Stove

Optimize the heating efficiency of your Bubble 4B Solid Fuel Boat Stove with the 2kW Back Boiler. This boiler is designed to fit seamlessly with your Bubble 4B stove, transforming it into a dual-function heating solution that can warm your space as well as provide hot water via a calorifier and supply 2 radiators. Its 2kW output is perfectly calibrated to meet the heating demands of a boat environment, ensuring consistent and efficient performance. Ideal for boat owners looking to maximize their stove’s utility while saving space and fuel, this back boiler is a practical, robust addition to any marine heating system.

Sold only as upgrade with the stove only. Cannot be retrofitted.

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