Alde Compact 3030 (Roof Flue) – Boat LPG Boiler – Fully Customisable Kit

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Pegler Automatic Mixer Valve


Alde Aluminium Central Heating Pipe 22mm x 1Metre

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Alde Rubber Straight Connector and Clips

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Alde Rubber Elbow & Clips

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Alde Rubber T Joint and Clips

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Alde Finrad - Convector Radiator - Aluminium - 400mm

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Alde Finrad - Convector Radiator - Aluminium - 700mm

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Alde Finrad - Convector Radiator - Aluminium - 1600mm


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MCR Trio LPG and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Ivory

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Carbon Monoxide Detector - Kidde 7CO

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Alde Compact 3030 – Boat LPG Boiler 6kW to 9kW

The Alde Compact 3030 stores 10 litres of boiling hot water. With the automatic mixer valve (optional)his is then automatically mixed to safe temperatures to give you hot water at your tap or shower. In doing this the hot water supply is increased to 17 litres. This is then further mixed with cold water at your shower tap, to give you the temperature you feel most comfortable with. This LPG Alde boiler will also provide central heating for your boat via convector-style radiators(optional).

LPG and Electric Heating Elements

In addition to the 6kWof power delivered by the LPG burners, this boiler has the option of using the built in 3kw of electric heating element. This can be switched to between 1kW, 2kW, and 3kW to match the available electricity supply.  This will save LPG when you are on a shoreline supply or when you are making use of your solar cells via an inverter. This is however optional. When you are not at your mooring or have no access to a 240v supply, the boiler will work on LPG via a 12v supply.

The boiler kit includes:

  • Alde Compact 3030 LPG boiler 12v
  • Built in 240v heating elements
  • Roof Flue and Terminal
  • Circulation pump
  • Control Panel

Optional extras:

  • Mixer Valve
  • Convector Radiators
  • Central heating pipes and connectors

If you would like this boiler fitted by a professional and certified marine heating engineer, please contact our sister company Marine Heating Solutions.

Kit image for illustration only. Actual contents will depend on your order configuration and the items listed above. Our boat heater and cooker kits its are aimed to supply you with all the major parts needed for installation. You may need to source additional parts yourself.

Please note that even though some of Alde’s online information suggests this boiler is capable of operating two separate heating zones, this is not available in the UK. This kit is for single zone only.

Pegler Automatic Mixer Valve


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