4 Inch / 100mm Twin Wall Straight Flue Section – Stainless Steel – 0.5 Metre


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0.5 Metre Stainless Steel 4 Inch / 100 mm Twin Wall Straight Flue Section

The 4 Inch / 100mm Twin Wall Straight Flue Section, crafted in robust stainless steel and extending over a length of 0.5 metres. This mid-sized section offers superior durability and resistance against the corrosive effects of exhaust gases, ensuring longevity in performance. Its twin-wall construction promises excellent thermal insulation, effectively minimizing heat loss and maintaining a high efficiency in venting out exhaust gases. This also helps keep the external surface cooler, enhancing safety around the installation area. Designed for easy integration with existing flue systems, this straight flue section is perfect for straightforward installations, providing a reliable and efficient solution for managing your heating system’s exhaust needs.

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