4 Inch / 100mm Twin Wall Straight Flue Section – Black – 0.5 Metre


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0.5 Metre Black 4 Inch / 100 mm Twin Wall Straight Flue Section

The 4 Inch / 100mm Twin Wall Straight Flue Section in Black, measuring 0.5 metres, is of high-grade stainless steel construction, ensuring robust durability and excellent resistance to heat and corrosion. The sleek black finish provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance, seamlessly integrating into various environments. The twin-wall design of this flue section offers superior insulation, effectively reducing heat loss and enhancing the overall energy efficiency of the system. It also acts to keep the exterior wall cooler, adding a layer of safety to the installation. This straight flue section enables a smooth and secure extension of your flue system, facilitating a flawless operation.

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